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The mission of Project Home Expert is to raise the standard of housing in Australia

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Home buyers in Australia should embrace the present and at the same time appreciate the significant quality of our existing built environment.

Describing a style of home as historic or old does not imply that a newer design would be necessarily better.

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Residential properties are "Living Spaces"

Strive for "better" when making choices on issues such as location, position, style, design, inclusions and landscaping.

Demand "Better"

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Project Home Expert is a product of and and is a division of Channel3 media.

Based in Byron Bay, Australia, the producers of Project Home Expert work with professionals in property related industries, developers, realestate sales organisations and salespeople together with countless suppliers and tradespeople who create our "Living Spaces"

The editor has designed and built commercial and residential buildings and now as a journalist, he leads a team that showcases the best aspects and the best products of the housing industry.

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