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6 Tips to Keep Your Car Shiny

Keeping your car shiny can be an important part of someone’s image as a car owner. The reason why so many car owners strive towards keeping their car shiny is that it makes it appear new. It speaks volumes about the owner’s care for the vehicle, it maintains the value of the car (at least its perceived value) higher, and increases the level of pride that the owner feels when behind the wheel. Here are six tips to help you keep your car shiny.

1.Regularly wash it

How often do you really wash your car? This is a starting question for anyone looking for a way to keep their car shiny. First of all, you need to understand that having a regular cleaning schedule might be more difficult than you think. Sure, skipping car washing sessions can harm your car’s finish, but the same goes for too regular washing sessions. Establishing a schedule that will require you to wash your car every 2 to 4 weeks is ideal; however, being consistent in these efforts is what really matters.

2.Be careful what you use

When using expensive chemical compounds, you might get an idea that you’re doing your vehicle a world of good. This isn’t necessarily the case. You see, a lot of chemical cleaners are quite strong in order to give you the immediate effect that you need. Unfortunately, they don’t pay much attention to the long-term effects on your car’s surface. You wash your car and see that it’s nice and shiny every single time. Once the paint starts decaying in a matter of months, it’s likely that you won’t even make this connection. So, avoid these potentially toxic compounds and stick to soap and mild cleaning solutions.


Car waxing is a fairly simple process, and it’s the go-to for anyone planning to make their vehicle shinier. The process is quite simple. After you wash the car, you apply the wax to the pad and choose an area of the vehicle to start waxing. Ideally, you would use circular motions and, after a while, remove the wax with a soft cloth. Ideally, you would go for a more expensive option instead of trying to save money on your car. Also, it might be a good idea to simply read the instructions that come with the car wax.

4.Ceramic coating

One of the techniques that can keep your vehicle shiny is coating the vehicle with a special chemical polymer solution. This process is called ceramic coating. The reason why this method is so incredible is due to the fact that it bonds with a top layer of your vehicle without actually damaging it. The simplest way to explain the way this works is to imagine a fine paint protection film. While some may believe this method to be complementary to waxing, it’s actually an alternative to it. When planning DIY ceramic coating, make sure to study the topic as best as you can.

5.Park it in the right place

Another piece of advice is that you should always park your car in a shady, covered spot. Sun can seriously damage your car’s finish because the UV radiation speeds up the oxidation of your car’s surface. Ideally, you would keep your car in a garage whenever you can. When not, having a car cover in your trunk would be the best solution possible. Other than this, whenever parking, be mindful of surroundings and park in the shade whenever possible.

6.Make sure everything is shiny

At the end of the day, it’s incredibly important that you remember a couple of simple tricks. First, you need to be as thorough as possible. Windows and windshields will make your car appear less impressive if they’re dirty. The same goes for your tires and wheels. If anything, the shinier your car is, the more attention will go to those dirty segments. The end result will not be as impressive as you may have hoped for. Fortunately, you can avoid this by being thorough.

In the end, you need to understand the importance of keeping your car as shiny as possible in order to prolong the love that you feel for the vehicle. Driving a dirty car is, in a way, similar to eating food that tastes funny – the feeling is simply not the same. Fortunately, with these several tips on your side, you can easily avoid this eventuality.


6 Tips to Keep Your Car Shiny

Keeping your car shiny can be an important part of someone’s image as a car owner. The reason why so many car owners strive towards keeping their car shiny is that it makes...

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