UTILITI Marketplaces is the owner of 6 high quality eCommerce, accommodation and travel virtual department stores.

UTILITI provides low cost access to customers for merchants, travel operators and accommodation providers.

Accelerate your brand growth by being where the customers are shopping.

Join the huge trend towards mobile shopping by partnering with UTILTI marketplaces which are optimised for mobile devices.

We offer curated marketplaces to ensure that sellers who come on to Rain Checks, Lay Bys, The Deal Guys, Hagglers or Holiday Centre have the best opportunity for success. We avoid flooding categories and we target sellers who can meet our high standards for products and service.

This means that sellers who come on to UTILITI marketplaces are not competing with thousands of others offering the same or similar products and services.

We want to offer the best experience for our customers and we do that by filling category spaces with the most suitable sellers, rather than the most sellers.


For sellers, we offer a dedicated onboarding support team, marketing advice, product placement guidance and assistance with customer service.

The UTILTI Marketplaces are. is a community of merchants and their customers who are keen to take advantage of sale prices for a product, a service, accommodation or a travel product. is a community of merchants and customers who are fine with negotiating the price for a product, a service, accommodation or a travel product. is a community of merchants and their customers who are fine with paying off prices for a product, a service, accommodation or a travel product prior to taking delivery. is a community or marketplace where accommodation and travel merchants interact with their customers. is all about the deal and the savings to be enjoyed. is where you will find information about quality products and services. is where you will find offers from merchants that allow time payment.

UTILITI Marketplace categories include:-

Furniture, electronics & appliances, sports & outdoors, home & living, health & beauty, toys, kids, baby, garden, tools, hardware, groceries, liquor, pet supplies, apparel, footwear, jewellery & accessories, travel, holidays, accommodation, real estate and financial services.

Marketing assistance

Sellers and merchants are able to have their products or services included in UTILITI subscriber emails with a a variety of paid and free options. We don't just rely on display, we proactively assist sellers with content optimisation, search relevancy and search ranking.

The business ( UTILITI ) is ABN 25 456 055 247

UTILITI is based at Suite 10 - 130 Jonson Street, Byron Bay Australia 2481.

You can contact UTILITI at or Australian phone 1300 660 660

The Managers of UTILITI Marketplaces are Greg Rogers ( +61 ) 0498 136 869 & Peter O'Brien ( +61 0428 112 094 )

UTILITI operates five online multi vendor marketplaces. Contact us -

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At the UTILITI international online multi vendor marketplaces, members of the public will be able to see an ever growing range of products, services, accommodation and travel products offered by merchants from all around the World.

Every day, merchants will present their products at competitive prices with a range of purchasing options including, Rain Checks, Lay By's, Holiday Deals and in some cases, with a chance to Haggle over prices before checking out using PayPal for safe, secure and buyer protected transactions.

Merchants and business operators have their own eCommerce showcases on pages that they can control and manage as often as they like by logging in with their own secure password. 

Buyers deal directly with merchants and service providers through the four UTILITI marketplaces.

Contact us to become a merchant on one, two, three or all four of the UTILITI marketplaces.

Contact us if you are looking for a product, a service, accommodation or a travel experience and we will set up for you by contacting the best from our panel of suppliers. UTILITI market places offer merchants an opportunity to expand or enhance their omni channel marketing. Expand your eCommerce strategy by selling through the UTILITI marketplaces.

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UTILITI Marketplaces owns 6 unique eCommerce sites
Phone 1300 660 660 - Australia